DNS is very critical in today’s internet world. let’s recap most common DNS record types.

  1. A Record

This type of record used for host to IP conversion >> abcdefc.com

2) CNAME Record

Routes one name to another name

Like: gmail.com >>>mail.google.com

3) MX — Record (Mail Exchanger)

Points to mail servers, so we can have website at abcdefc.com and mail @abcdefc.com PS: MX records has number prefix that defines priority also it helps for redundancy

4) NS Record — Name ServerAs simple as just route to name servers if you want to know about subdomainIf I want know home.abcdefc.com’s A record. This record will help.

5) TXT records

For miscellaneous info and to verify domain ownership

There are many more records which are not that common so i skipped, you can visit below site to get more understanding how DNS. https://howdns.works/



So, with ever decreasing focus time and constant meetings where most of time we do not have actionable output. yeah, this is truth of corporate.

I really feel, when we just say ‘Hi’, “Hello”, “Greetings of the day” “how are you” in professional chat like skype or teams and wait for other person to respond without full message or intention in chat, we are disrespecting someone else time.

If you really feel and value your and someone’s time, Please send full message along with intention of conversation, other person can revert with necessary response, than just one more line of ‘hello”, also this will give opportunity to other person to find appropriate answer/response to your query if he do not have handy.

This is very small but important note for all of us to learn and adapt.