Azure Solutions Architect Preparation (AZ-300, AZ-301)

Certification adds value if done in proper way, we know many has different opinion on it, Certification journey is more important than just earning.

Azure Certification journey will help to keep you updated on latest and focused on your domain over the period of time azure certificaiton has changed and now not only have just objective question but also LAB’s and case studies for Associate and Expert level.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert is very broad subject which test your technical hand-on experience in AZ-300 and designing/overall azure environment understanding compliance/identity/security/data platform in AZ-300, check more on azure certification on official Link shared later in post.

AZ-300 is really broad subject it has 20%-30% overlap with AZ-103 and AZ-301, It took almost 2 months for me to prepare and confidence enough to schedule exam.

Apologies, I could not respond everyone earlier on resources i used for prep Here is how i prepared for AZ-300 and AZ-301, everyone has different approch and learning interest, this is just it worked for me.

One truth learning: Microsoft Azure Learn

Az-300 —

Az-301 —

This is very long and boring but do not give up…do make notes, i do it in physical notebook instead digitally, it just gives me more time to understand.

Also practice test from Linux Academy or WizLab gives exam like feel and has Microsoft doc link to validate answers. good to check once you done reading or video lecture.

Also Pluralsight has very good cources for free, you just need free account.

You can test how you doing here :

There are many resources to divert focus but just stick to what works to you march forward.

All the best

P.S: Shortly there will be new exam version for Solution Architect, do check official doc but approach remains same.



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