Building secure Internate facing solution in Azure

Pandemic has shown world new way of living and working too, as working from home has increased also means lot has changed how we are consuming application vs from office.

Key thing to consider when building global application which has internet facing userbase.

  1. Performance
    CDN with Azure frond door
    leverages azure broad network

2) Security/Protection with Frond doorWAF — enables managed rules, block bad bots and have custom rules ready
Automation for SSL — force all traffic to ssl with a redirect
with Frond door you can get free SSL secure your domains and block invalid traffic.
for banking you really want to have private link that protect any traffic going over internet.
Custom WAF rate limit rule to enforce basic fairness for users or requests.
connect with azure sentinel
add backup origin in case the entire application is down

3) Accelerate with Frond door
global Public Ip with optimized routing
configure routes and origin groups to optimize origin latency
Enable caching on routes with static asset paths
enable compression on the fly for cached routes
tune load balancing settings to reduce time for fail-over

Bonus: Analytics, Backup if anything goes wrong and restore quickly.
Azure frond door is latest and greatest load balancing solution on azure which supersedes traffic manager and application gateway. again AFD can be used in combination with other
load balancing azure services



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