CICD Process in Infra/Code Development/Deployment.

Continue Integration and Continues delivery or development have two phases in the software development and delivery cycle.

Let’s have a team of devs who will be developing features and solving bugs on different branches per your branching strategy. after the first half of day or later in day, dev will merge to main or master branch post review from senior dev. this is the general flow for software.

As soon as the first flow as above done you have code in your main/master branch your dev team will push it to platform of your choice that could be IaaS, PaaS/K8s etc. once the first release deployed and QA team satisfied with application performance real CICD starts.

Now, you have base code in your master/main branch and same code currently deployed to your platform and running…from here any feature you would develop and merge to main/master branch will trigger CI and then CD pipeline. This is how your current setup is in at least lower environment you are on path of CICD.

In CD, we have multiple approaches to deploy our code in order to keep platform running or improve reliability and availability, below are few strategies available.:
Let me know if want me to cover all 3 in details.

Production deployment: Keeping production up and live all the time is critical for many missions' critical application and for such situation it becomes critical to have proper process lay down for every feature/bug role out even those tested in lower environment with continues Delivery. For Enterprise lever organization usually, you would see weeks' time for any change to be implemented and below integration and support model.

All Changes go via approval and Change management board review. (Service Now or equivalent)
Automation via script for deployment and test result of same script from DEV
Production support team get familiar with implementation
Backup Plan
Time Window for deployment and QA team signoff.
Continues monitoring to get feedback for new feature implementation.

DevOps Lifecycle: Manage>>Plan>>Create>>Verify>>Package>>Secure>>Release>>Configure>>Monitor>>Defend

Key words better to familiarize in DevOps:

CDCD, Pipeline, Branch, PR, Merge, Conflict, Jobs, Stages, Gates, Environment, Build/compile, IaC, Runners, YAML etc.



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