Funny DNS

Rahul Ambhore
Feb 1, 2022

DNS is very critical in today’s internet world. let’s recap most common DNS record types.

  1. A Record

This type of record used for host to IP conversion >>

2) CNAME Record

Routes one name to another name

Like: >>>

3) MX — Record (Mail Exchanger)

Points to mail servers, so we can have website at and mail PS: MX records has number prefix that defines priority also it helps for redundancy

4) NS Record — Name ServerAs simple as just route to name servers if you want to know about subdomainIf I want know’s A record. This record will help.

5) TXT records

For miscellaneous info and to verify domain ownership

There are many more records which are not that common so i skipped, you can visit below site to get more understanding how DNS.