Get Out of Burnout

This is a quick summary of the Pluralsight course by @Barryluijbregts

Cause of Burnout: Stress, cloud be Mental or Physical or both. Stress is a natural response and chronic stress can lead to burnout

How to Improve your Seep: Eat Healthily, Exercise, Clean Living, and Active Relaxation. Sleep is underrated, Sleep is critical in your repair/restoration process. There are the way we sleep.

1) Light Sleep- Heart rate, Breathing, and Body temp drops

2) Deep Sleep- Restoration and repair happens

3) REM- Dreaming.

What can interfere with sleep:

  • Stress
    - Heat
    - Exercising late
    - Eating and drinking late
    - light
    - coffee and alcohol

How to Improve

  • Exercise Early
    - Get Sunlight Early
    - don't late and large meal
    - enjoy caffeine early
    - Don't take nap after 3:00 pm
    - Stick to a Sleep schedule
    - avoid blue light
    - your bedroom is for sleep
    - sleep in the dark
    - keep cool


Eat to reduce stress
Eat food, not too much, mostly plants
avoid process food
eat colorful food, eat weird food
fish and meat
good fats
- coconut, avocado, fish, olive oil, grass-fed meat, walnuts
good Glycemic index
- banana, sweet potato, lentils, carrots

Eat Eggs, 75% vegetables, 25% protein, and good fat

When to eat:12 hrs gap
supplements: Vitamin D in the morning with fats, Vitamin C, Magnesium

Easy- plan ur meals, eat vegetables, Supplement D, C, and Magnesium, 12hrs gap, Don't eat added sugar
cut out gluten and dairy, don't eat processed food

ow-Stress Life:
- Psychotherapy
- Change the way you work
- Prioritize
- spend time on purpose
- Digital detox
- Update Food and Exercise habit
- Priorities sleep
- Unplug from social media

sleep, eating healthy, exercise, clean living, active Relaxation.

I Would highly recommend this course to everyone link:



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