Happy Helming

As we try to solve existing bottleneck as tech demands, we get it into new issue, that is what we are going to cover today.
High availability, scaling at demands and reliability that everyone around trying to solve one way or another. and no other solution than K8S comes to your rescue.

As kubernetes becomes world of discussion every time with all, it also comes with many new challenges and one them is deployment and rollback of your application.
at large you would create multiple yaml files with your application manifest that includes deployment.yml, service.yml, ingress.yml, config.yml etc and many more…
traditionally you would deploy this file with kubectl appply -f deployment.yml and same for rest of files. also if you want to make any single change your would do that in one of file redo all again.

This above approach is very cumbersome and not scalable…and that is where HELM comes to your help.

Helm Architecture:

Helm is K8S packaging tool that takes all your application manifest files together and crate pkg and tag with release and deploys as one unit. so when you want to go back to any older
version of your application you just just helm rollback.

This does solve one problem at high-level and makes life much easier.

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