Internet Literacy

In the world of virtualization or digitization, it is very important to know how to safeguard ourselves from internet-based bullying.
As we have easy access to the Internet that also means we are vulnerable to this phishing, data leaks, and privacy at risk if not taken care of in time.

Let’s discuss bit now what are the key things we should follow and the rationals behind them.

Data breach
As most of our shopping, learning, social media activities are over the internet that also increasing our exposure. We have been hearing many times we should not be using the same credentials for multiple sites. It means once one of the site data got breached all our access open to bad guys.

What generally happens once data get leaked
- It may happen someone insider or due to some security loophole, bad guys get access to your data
- Usually, it takes a few months or sometimes more than that such data leak to became publically known
- Once data got leaked it get sold in bits and pieces initially when it is hot
- A few months later you will be able to see complete details about data properties available over the dark web etc.

What can happen if your data is part of the data leak.
- You may see targeted phishing that including your recent interactions to make it genuine

Why it is critical to have different credentials
- It helps to reduce our exposure.
- If you are using the same creds for all your online accounts then once one of them is exposed all your account are vulnerable.

How to reduce your exposure to data leaks or keep exposure low.
- To be vigilant and avoid clicking on links in email or text messages
- Always check any site that you are login has SSL or padlock icon
- If possible use bookmarked URL instead of email redirection
- It is cumbersome and not practically possible to keep different creds to multiple accounts and remember them, so we have a Password manager for our rescue. use something Dashlane, Keepass, or Last pass kind of password manager to manage your multiple creds. This way you only need to remember one master password.
- Always when in doubt on a phone call just hang up, look up, and call back
- Phishing emails or mostly on-call fraudsters take advantage of your emotions and show urgency, if you do not act they may deactivate your card or account like this. however, in such a situation, it becomes critical to stop, take a deep breath and check their site or call on the toll-free number to validate.

Law enforcement agencies are available to help however we need to be vigilant and contact them as soon as you think something is not right.

So, in short, just like the power comes with responsibility…similar easy access can become a nightmare if not vigilant. for more please read here


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